How to enable "read more"?

Right now my blog posts are, as by default, shown fully on the homepage. I’d like to cut them off and have them be displayed as summaries instead, with a “read more” link to point readers towards the full post.

I’m not sure how to do this, however. I read the WriteFreely writer documentation multiple times but couldn’t find anything on it and not sure where else I can look it up. Help?

Hey, welcome! This is definitely something we need to add to the WriteFreely documentation – thanks for the reminder. (I’ve created a new documentation issue so we’ll be sure to address this.)

For now, you can find out how to do that here:

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Although I discovered how “read more” works, I had the same issue as @emma initially.

Documentation is also split into two places. There are the „guides“ and then there is that single page which has links to topics like “excerpts”.

Those two links to documentation are not present on all the pages. I don’t think any are present on the editor page or in menus when you are writing a post, which is when you need to look things up.

I had to go to the homepage in order to find the documentation link, but when I was logged in, the editor opened and I couldn’t find a way to get to the homepage and documentation. So I had to open a private browsing tab. Reading documentation becomes quite a quest.

@matt, @cjeller1592, two suggestions that shouldn’t take too much time. Put all the documentation in one place. Add a link to the documentation everywhere, including the editor.


Great, thank you!

is there anyway I can change the “read more” text? I’d like to change it to “comments” instead. I want to include comments but not include them on my home page, it really messes up the design

Sure thing @yungleary! All you have to do is add the following to the CSS. Adjust the font-size and text as needed:

.read-more {

.read-more:after {
  content: 'Comments...';
  font-size:16px;         /* original font size */



ahh of course! I thought of the content after trick but font-size 0…duh. thank you!

Hmmm… seems like when I change the content with some Greek workds, it appears only question marks ("?"). Some issue with the encoding maybe…?