How to create static page without being pined

I would like to create a small set of static pages, which are not been visible for people via the pined pages list, but will be used as landing pages instead. How could I get such pages? As a newbie I only can find “posts” and “pined posts”!? Thanks for your help.

What about anonymous posts? A downside is the URL looks like random noise.

You can create static pages the same way as pinned pages, then use Custom JavaScript to stop the links to those pages from showing up, thereby making them look like they are not pinned pages.

Thanks for all the advices. @dino : How to code this? Could you help with a custom JavaScript code snippet!? Thanks a lot!
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Sorry, I am not a software developer. Couly anyone help me out with those mentioned lines of javascript!? Thanks a lot!

Add the pinned pages to your site and share a link to your site here. I’ll try to see if I can come up with custom javascript to target it.

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Maybe you could give this page a try to become invisible in the nav-bar. Thanks a lot for your help!

Actually don’t need custom JavaScript, you can do so with custom CSS. Try adding this:

#collection header nav a[href$="/test"],
#post header nav a[href$="/test"] {
    display: none;