How to build a hosted version of WriteFreely

How would I be able to make an application like using WriteFreely as a base? I’m asking because I plan on self hosting a few different blogs and I thought it would be a bit more efficient if I built something like instead of installing WriteFreely multiple times.

Any feedback would be great!

Hey @guppythegod, is built on WriteFreely in multi-user mode. So for this, you can just choose “Multi-user” instead of “Single user” during the configuration phase.

Unless your hoping to have multiple domains for these blogs. Then you would need to run an instance for each one, and all on a different local port on your server then reverse proxy the incoming requests.

It’s not as hard as it sounds though, if that’s something your interested in I have a post that walks through installing one instance behind a proxy, so you would just need to set up another instance for each domain.