How to admistrate - WriteFreely with YunoHost

Hi! I just set up a WriteFreely server with Yunohost. That was a pretty smooth experience, click click click and it’s up & running. But now I wonder, is there an admin interface? How can I close registrations, or set them so that it needs manual approvement? How can I see the moderation panel, see which users have signed up etc? In PeerTube you receive an e-mail after installing with initial credentials for the admin-account. Maybe I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

  • Erik

I’m not sure if there are any YunoHost-specific things that might get in the way, but once you’re logged in, you can access many configuration settings from the WriteFreely admin dashboard at https://your.instance/admin. You should also find “Admin dashboard” when you hover over your username at the top of the page.