How to add captions to images?

Coming from other platforms, I use image captions displayed under the image (generally centered, smaller font size and weight) but I can’t find a good way of replicating that here.

Is this something natively supported or will I need to add custom CSS and/or JS to support it?


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Hi there!

There are a couple ways to go about creating image captions. One way is to use the <small> html element inside a post. Just type out something under your image like this:

<small>This is a caption</small>

Here is an example of it in a post from @scott :

Another way is to simply use italics under an image. Here’s an example from @Melyanna :

If you want to make the caption centered and smaller, you can add the following HTML to your post under the image:

<div style="text-align:center;"><small>This is a caption</small></div>

Hope that helps & let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks, it also helped me.

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Does using <figcaption> work or is planning to add support for captions in the future? It would truly be image captions then and not be parts of posts. Also, if people were to move their blogs elsewhere in the future, it would help other platforms read image captions properly as well.