How does WriteFreely handle attachments/enclosures?


Was thinking of using WriteFreely to host a small podcast-like feed of audio recordings. Is this use case supported at all?

It doesn’t seem like uploading separate attachments is part of WriteFreely, so I guess I’d need an external server like Seafile to do the actual hosting. But assuming I set that up, is there some way to then associate an external non-image URL with a post and have that file included as an attachment in the feed/activitypub?


Hey @nolan, this isn’t currently supported right now, but it’s something we could definitely look into!

We recently added support for ActivityPub image attachments (#442), so for this I guess we’d just need to parse out any audio files and include them in the data. I’d just need to find out how exactly other platforms are formatting that data.

Neat. My primary interest is in associating audio players with posts, but that could work for video as well. It looks as if the feed library you’re using already supports enclosures. For federation, it might be helpful to look to what Castopod is doing.

Here is an example Mastodon post with what I assume is an audio attachment. Is that what you’re looking for?

Also, out of curiosity, how are image attachments intended to work? Are they hosted elsewhere and just linked up from the post?