How do we optimize SEO and Meta with

How do we add meta data to our posts to increase SEO if we are trying to reach wider audiences? Or, is not really meant for this? Please help, and thank you!


Hi @jhops! automatically takes care of generating metadata and optimizing your SEO for you (ie: generating metadata tags, showing any images in social media previews, etc).

As far as further optimization goes, I’d recommend adding titles to post (which most already do), adding an image if you want a different one other than the logo to show up in the social media previews, and adding “alt” text to images that describe the photo - in Markdown it looks like this: ![Example of Alt Text](

Hope that makes sense and let me know if you have further questions!


Ah, I’ve always left the alt text field blank, good to know!

Yep, besides helping with SEO, filling in the alt text also helps out people using screen readers (they read the alt text in place of the image) – so it’s always a good thing to add.

And to help with this, if you’re using, the first bit of text in your caption will automatically become the alt text in the sample Markdown you get when viewing your photos:


Hey @cjeller1592, thanks for getting back with me! How do we change the favicon instead of the logo? I do have a logo, but it does not show up as the favicon in browsers.

Lastly, do you know how to change the permalink or to shorten it up?

Thanks for the help!

Thank you @matt for pointing this help!