How do I let readers download a PDF file? And how do I upload the PDF file?

Hi, only for photos. How can I add a PDF file, and the reader can download it?

I am unaware of any way to host PDFs on Someone let me know if there is a way.

That said, I wanted to include PDFs in a “Portfolio” section of my blog, so I uploaded the PDFs in a GitHub repo and linked to them on my page.

This may not work, depending on your needs, but it may be an option.

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You’re right @erickonghl — there isn’t a way to host PDFs on or I’d recommend uploading your PDF’s to any storage provider (Dropbox, Google Drive if you want to, etc) and putting the shareable link in your post. @jakelacaze’s suggestion of storing it on Github is great too if you want to use that.