How do I back up my site?

Hi. How can I save the content on my site? Thanks for any help!

Hey @GinaAnn, the best way to do that is from your Export page. You can reach it via that link or by going to, hovering over your username, and clicking the Export item.

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Ah, thank you, Matt. Appreciate it.

Matt, it seems like the “User + Blogs + Posts” option saves via the internet. Would I then save that to a file on my computer? And is either json or prettified more preferable for Mac, or for any other reason? Thank you.

Please note that hovering is nigh impossible when using a mouse-less device, such as a mobile phone.

Yes, you would then save that file to your computer if you want to use it.

The JSON / “prettified” JSON is mostly meant for people who need their posts in a format that’s more easily read by computers. If you’re just creating a backup, the normal “JSON” format should be fine for this.

But in general, I’d recommend using the TXT option for backups – this gives you all of your posts as individual text files that you can easily open and use on your computer (including a Mac).

Are you able to open that navigation menu by tapping on it on your mobile device?

It’s possible, but hard to discover, and clicking generally does the onClick() behavior. I don’t recall what that does for that particular item.

I can generally figure out a way to do everything, it’s just that every single hover behavior adds friction for mobile devices, and there are not going to be fewer mobile users in the future…

Thanks, Matt. I’m not on mobile, so I can’t offer any extra feedback. Just one other question. Do any of the formats save photos and/or text formatting? That might be a dumb question. I mostly only care about text, but just wondering. Thank you.

Also, thanks for letting me know I would save from the internet to the computer.

Great questions! You will always get the formatting exported, yes – in the form of Markdown if you’re using that. Otherwise if you’ve used HTML to format your posts, that will be exported.

We don’t export photos right now though, unfortunately. But we should absolutely do that! I’ll put that on our roadmap.

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Thank you, Matt!