How do I apply a theme?

Okay I just got here and this place/software looks like what I’ve been looking for. However before I signed up, I saw that there were a few themes available.

But I cannot find them, cannot find instructions on how to use them and can’t find any information on how to apply them to my blog.

Could someone please give me a quick rundown on this?


Themes are applied using CSS and JavaScript. To edit the CSS and JavaScript for your blog, click on the Customize button on for your blog on your Blogs page.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 4.19.21 PM
Screenshot of part of my Blogs page

Then scroll down to the CSS and JavaScript boxes.

The current CSS and JavaScript for my primary blog

You can copy and paste the CSS and JavaScript from your desired theme and alter it as you like. Just make sure to scroll down and press the Save changes button when you’re done.