How can I translate the name of the pages "about, reader, sign up, log in"?

Hello, I have just opened an instance and it is directed to Spanish speakers. I would like to know how to translate this kind of texts, as I have seen some instances in other languages (for example: Chinese) and they have customized texts. The pages in question are: about, reader, sign up, log in, privacy or texts like “No posts here yet!”

In advance thank you very much.

Thanks for offering to help! We’d appreciate any way you could contribute to translating the project.

Right now, we have some text from the app translatable through POEditor (just recently restored). However, it isn’t ideal for us, because the community can’t add new strings or easily get the translations from POEditor into our codebase (see web-core/l10n), so we can actually incorporate them into WriteFreely itself.

I think at this point, we should find a more permanent platform where we can collaborate on translations going forward. Does anyone know of any tools we might use?

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I understand the difficulties. Thank you for your response.
I only know of these alternatives: