How can I edit a page?

My understanding is that a “page” in is simply a blog post that has been “pinned”. I have an About page (pinned post), but now I don’t know how to edit the page—if I open the Posts list I don’t see it included there, and on the page itself (when I’m logged in) I don’t see any “edit” link.

Am I missing something here? Note I am using the mobile site right now (iPhone).

Try visiting your blog via the URL where your-username is your username. If you follow the link to the About page you should get an Edit link at the top.

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Thanks. Maybe there just isn’t an edit link on the mobile site—when I went to the page in the desktop view it was right there

The edit link also disappears if the view gets too narrow. If you don’t see it, try turning your phone or tablet, and sometimes it will appear.