Hosting Writefreely

I just setup Writefreely on my laptop

I’ve done some webdev recently and got used to creating a folder under /var/www/html and expecting to be able to navigate to that page.

Following the install it’s just a binary though which then gets launched when you run the binary…

So how would this be hosted on a linux server?

Quite confused! thanks

Hi, have you checked out the installation instructions?

are you up and running yet?

once you run the config on the binary, it specifies the location /var/foo/bar/whatever

where your installation lives.

in the case of having it be accessible to others, that would have to be either your IP and a dyndns, type thing - OR a FQDN with an A record pointing to your dyndns as the server, OR just a racked webhosting (shared/vps/dedicated) somewhere…

and matts right the instructions are good, read em if you havent. :smiley: