Hiding separator line in page footer

Earlier today, I came across a blog via read.write.as, which appears as though the css has been edited to somehow get rid of not only the ‘Published By’ footer, but the footer altogether, as the separator line and the space it takes up doesn’t appear to be there. If you want to take a look, the address for this blog is https://thoughtscastshadows.com. I’ve edited my own blog (https://anxiety.fun) to do away with the ‘Published By’ portion of the footer, but I was wondering if there’s a way to do what it looks as though is going on in this blog and get rid of the footer altogether. Any help is appreciated!


If you right click on the homepage for https://thoughtscastshadows.com/ and select “View Page Source”, you can look at the site’s custom CSS. You’ll eventually see the CSS styles listed below. That’s how he/she hides the footer. And the page views for that matter.

header nav .views,
footer hr,
footer nav {
    display: none;

I think that this is supported by most browsers… the real test is to throw it on linux and see what eric6 thinks of it. That is one of the most standards compliant browsers i use to test things.

Dillo of course wont even play of course but nobody tries to java there as its yeah… not for that.

Interesting hack.