Hide branding option for Pro accounts

This is an offering I’ve seen with many other site builders and blogs. Having that consistency between my blog/subdomain and my main page/domain is something I’d really appreciate. Not sure if I’m alone in that or if it’s nit-picky, but I’m a total OCD case, so things like that seem a bit more looming an issue. To be clear, I’m speaking of the ‘published with Write.as’ branding/link footer on each pages. This would just be available for paying customers, of course.

Additionally, it seems like it’s a feature that might be easier to implement, as far as ‘feature requests’ go. Thanks!

So you can hide branding on Pro accounts by adding the following code to your blog’s custom CSS:

body footer nav {display:none}

And if you want to use a custom favicon instead of the Write.as one, get in touch with @old-support and we’ll add it to your blog.

Would you want that to be a separate option though? Where clicking a button would remove the branding?

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Thanks for the tip(s)! Having it be a clickable option in the settings panel might be a nice option, regardless, for those of us who are otherwise unaware of this. Not that this step isn’t about as simple as it gets, but it would serve make things even more streamlined. However, seeing as there is an option to change this, it’s not crucial.

Just how customizable is the appearance of your blog through CSS? Vauge memories of the days of LJ and MySpace are coming back to me, and I can remember lots of flexibility, even back then. My main site is pretty simple and I wonder whether I (or someone, possibly via commission if that’s a thing?) couldn’t replicate it, or at least come close?