help with theme pls?


I would like to have the “header 1” look like the standard "Code text".
I would also like the date to be the same size and font as code text but without the box, and aligned to the right instead of aligned to the left.

How could I achieve this using css? Thanks.

Hi @CFS! The font you’re looking for to get the code text look is Monospace. To add it to your h1’s and the published date (along with alignment), you can use the following code to your blog’s Custom CSS on the Customize page:

h1 {
  font-family: monospace;

.dt-published {
  font-family: monospace;
  text-align: right;

Will have to get back to you on making the title into a code block. That might require a little more finesse. Hope that helps in the meantime though!

# `Title`

this works partially, generates a code block, but it takes the bold and size of # instead of no bold and size of a normal code block.

  font-family: monospace


text-align: right

only works when #
stays aligned to the left with ## or ### or ``

Hope this helps.

To remove the bold of the blog post titles that appear in # `Title` , you could use this:

h2 {

That way the post titles will appear without the bold.

Could you show an example post where this is happening? I’d be curious to see if something else is getting in the way. The text-align should work even with those various header and code block elements.

Here you go: