Help creating share links?

I’m not on facebook, twitter, linkedin and the likes.
A few people reading my scribbles have asked to include social share links on my posts, so they don’t have to copy-paste, go to each site, etc.
I like privacy features, such as not loading code from somewhere else for social media share buttons.

There is the tweet this post in labs, so I am certain there must be something possible in javascript to take the page URL, the title, etc. and generate a share link without loading third party code.

Can anyone help? Has anyone done this?

I think you’re looking for something like this:

Great if you have a facebook account. But I don’t. I’m looking for a button for people who do have an account wishing to share? Maybe I’m trying to do something way over my head technical.

Have you tried it? It doesn’t require a Facebook account on your end. What it does, is show the FB Share button so that when someone clicks on it, a pop-up shows up that allows them to instantly share the blog post to FB. The expectation is that your audience have FB accounts and when they click on it, they can easily share your post to FB.

My use case was different in that I only wanted to expose the Share button when I’m logged in to But as I stated in that post, if you remove that check, everyone will see the Share button, and at that point, anyone with an FB account can instantly share the post to FB.

Thanks Dino, will look into it over the weekend.