Having trouble running writefreely on windows 10

I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing wrong, but after following the instructions and typing in “writefreely config start” into the command panel, it shows up with this:

“C:\Users\tyler>writefreely config start
‘writefreely’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

Any idea what I need to do? I’m not excellent with code so I figure there is something specifically I’m doing wrong here. Thanks!

Hi @tyly! On Windows you have to add .exe to the end to execute the program. So your command will look like this instead:

writefreely.exe config start

That should do the trick. Let us know if that still gives you a similar error and we’ll help out further.

The problem here is a simple one – contrary to what CJ posted, the ‘.exe’ is NOT necessary in a Windows machine.

Since the early days of the PC, a .com or . exe extension was automatically executed when I entered a ‘program-name’ without an extension.

The problem is, finding the executable. In your example, you showed the command running from your home directory in the Windows machine. The writefreely.exe is not located there, so it will look for it in the $PATH environment variable. And did not find it.

You CAN run it fine with a shortcut - using this :

  • program target : “C:\instalation-path\WriteFreely\writefreely.exe

  • start in : “C:\instalation-path\WriteFreely\

You might not even need the Quote marks around the path; I used them here in case your installation path has spaces in it, eg : C:\Program Files\WriteFreely .

Have had my own personal instance here for a year now, and can confirm it works well – if you get over the poor installation instructions and manage to get the necessary SQL server installed. (that was the hardest part).

Thanks for the extra help @rgx2! Were you able to get WriteFreely up and running @tyly? We can help you out further if need be.