Hashtags that start with a numeral don't work



I’ve been using hashtags that start with numerals (example: #24hours), but I just now noticed that these hashtags don’t work.

Is this a bug?


This is on purpose, since the hash symbol also means “number”, e.g. “item #24”. This is similar to how hashtags work on most other social platforms – they won’t be recognized when they start with a number.

Not sure if it makes sense to deviate from that standard, but I’m open to feedback.


Oh, that makes sense. I wasn’t aware that your example was the standard.

I’m on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Mastodon and they allow hashtags that begin with a numeral, so I guess I’m just used to being able to do that and it made me think that being able to do that was the norm.


Hmm, maybe they allow it if the tag also has alphabetic characters, too? I did a quick test with just numerals on Mastodon and Twitter and saw they didn’t parse the tag. But maybe we could support it in that case, i.e. #24hours but not #24.


Oh! I didn’t think about it that way! That makes sense. I have had success with the tags #24HourComicsDay and #24HCD specifically, but I never used a hashtag with only numbers.