Google indexation

Is there a way to have my blog crawled by google search engine and/or bing ?

I’ve tried to use the Google Webmaster Tools - Sitemap Notification Received<blog_name>/sitemap.xml , but a few days later, nothing comes out when searching using the sitemap: syntax.

I’ve also tried to use Google Search Console, but to get the property of the blog, I have to upload an HTML file or add an HTML meta-tag in the header, but I can’t see any way to do that for my blog !?
Finally I made a permanent redirection from a domain name I own to my blog, and I registered that domain name in Google Search Console, but the crawling doesn’t work, I think the redirection is not taken into account…

Thanks for your help.

I have this question as well. I am wondering if we need to have ‘Public’ selected to allow for Google indexing? But, if so, does that automatically put all posts in ReadWriteAs? Is there a way to have things open for indexing by search engines while opting out of RWA?

FYI, mine is ‘Public’, but it doesn’t seem to help.

is there a reason your blog can’t use a custom domain? Is there any reason not to cut out the middle step if you’re already redirecting?

If you set up a custom domain, you can then set up Google Search Console on the domain level. And then you can submit a sitemap and specific links for crawling.

You’re absolutely right.
I just forgot to use custom domain feature…
Now everything is fine, thank you!

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