Google Docs to

I tend to write in Google Docs (sigh, I know…).

Despite its failings, it allows collaboration and is handy for copying-and-pasting into rich editors such as Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook Notes, Tumblr, etc.

However, if I copy-and-paste into I lose my formatting and need to re-do it by hand using Markdown.

I note the new [Medium-to-Markdown] ( tool. This might save me time.

If I want to go from Rich Text to Markdown, is this currently the best option?

If you want to move over articles from Medium, I would recommend using Eric Clemmons’ Medium to Markdown tool, which the Medium to project is based on. You can copy & paste the Markdown output to

As far as Google Docs to goes, you’ll need a similar tool that converts a Google Doc into Markdown. I discovered this Docs to Markdown add-on that could help you. After trying the add-on out, it looks like it’ll do the trick for you. There are just a couple things to be careful about when using it:

  1. Be precise about how you use bold or italics. If, for instance, the italic goes past the ending of a word, the Markdown will end up looking like this _word _ when you want it to be _word_.

  2. Use the designated text sizes (“Normal text”, “Header”, etc), not font size. The add-on does not recognize the difference and will treat it as normal body text.

Other than that you’ll be good to go! Let us know how it works for you.