Good places to host images other than


I am curious: What are some good places to host images for embedding in posts other than

Do people just host on Imgur? Or maybe a git repository? Any other good ideas?


I use myself, but have also used ImgBB in the past.

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I use google photos. I take photos with the iPhone 11 Pro and the ios google photos App uploads. I then share with a link. It’s not embedding the image like does it but since I use google photos as a free backup and sharing service it works good for me. I did the same way before with a fujifilm camera.

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Yo could use, which is an open source self-hosting platform similar to Flickr.

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Just wanted to say thanks for the responses! I didn’t know about ImgBB and chevereto (is there a list of hosted instances like Write Freely???), interesting. Do you every have problems with images disappearing from those platforms?

Also, are there individual sign-ups for now??? Or do you still need to get a pro account first?

In any case, thanks and keep the suggestions coming! :smile:

i am building one. its at (or .org) i cant remember which right now. :smiley:

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