Gmail marking posts as spam

My posts seem to be being marked as spam for my email subscribers, especially gmail users. Is there any way I can prevent this on my end?

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Which mail provider are you using? Does it implement SPF, DKIM and DMARC? There are very important in mail server configuration to avoid being flagged as spam.

My wife, who uses Gmail, says my posts are going to her spam folder also.

I use FastMail for my own email, and my posts are delivered to me with no issue.

Unfortunately at the moment it seems that our newsletter domain ( has lost some of its reputation with Gmail, due to some abuse we encountered at the end of October. We mitigated the problem right away on our end and took steps to prevent it in the future, but it’s taking a while for us to get back into good standing with them.

For now, we could use everyone’s help if you’re a Gmail user – please subscribe to as many blogs as you’re interested in, and for any messages that end up in your Spam folder, please click Report as Not Spam.

We’ve started doing this on our end, but if more people can help out, we should get back into good standing with Google shortly.

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Just an update on this: it seems that as of Dec. 22 our email domain is back in good standing with Google, so all emails should be delivered to Gmail users without any issues.

From their Postmaster Tool:

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Hi there, just tested and I’m seeing subscription confirmation emails going to the spam folder in gmail. Any way to mitigate?

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Hi @juic8y, the best thing to do from your end would be to make sure you mark it as “Not Spam” in Gmail.

Otherwise, we just sent out some updates on our end that should reduce the email subscription abuse we’re seeing right now. Unfortunately it’s been a little higher for the past 5 days or so, with spammers entering random email addresses in our email subscription forms. Which is probably why Gmail is viewing our emails less favorably at the moment.

We’ll keep monitoring things here, but please let us know if you notice any other issues.

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