Getting verified on mastodon

I’m trying to get my blog / me verified on mastodon, so I added the following to my Post Signature

<a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>

Mostly used that because the signature and the description look to be the two places I can paste in HTML and have it show up.

But when I view the source of the page, the “rel =“me”” bit is stripped out, so the verification doesn’t work.

Is there another way I should be doing this?


Try adding the link to the blog description in the settings, which supports HTML and rel=me. It works for verifying my blog on Mastodon.

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Thanks, Paolo. My problem with that is that I’m already bumping against the limit on the description field because I have three other links in there. But I’ll give it a try and see.

Perhaps @matt can bump up the limit for the description at some point?

(The blog is davepolaschek — in case someone is curious)

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Does inserting it via custom JavaScript work?

That’s a good question. I put it in the Description, and that worked, but I’m not sure if the Mastodon process that checks it even runs JavaScript, so I’ll probably leave it as-is.

I’d still like to have the limit for the description bumped up, though, if that’s something @matt would be ok with.