Generic OAuth – map values not applied

Hi there, I have started to experiment with using Zitadel as Writefreely’s auth provider.
I have adjusted the map_ values basing on what they write in their claim documentation:

scope              = openid
map_user_id        = sub
map_username       = preferred_username
map_display_name   = given_name
map_email          = email

The database looks like map_user_id is working and i don’t see any error on the logs (only map_user_id appears to have a defined error in the code it looks like though).
However the other values are ignored and the user is prompted with an empty form after going through the auth routine.

Now i am wondering if i have used a wrong syntax or what might cause these values to be ignored?

What does your oauth_users table look like? What do you mean by “prompted with an empty form”? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

For each user, this table shows a correct remote_user_id, the correct generic provider and the matching client_id of the application in Zitadel, as well as unique userid+access_token.

When you (or I) use this auth provider to signup, the form for username, name, email is not prefilled:

I was assuming that Writefreely is supposed to prefill these fields based on the related map_ settings.