Font sizes

I want to make the font size on the index (main page) the same size as the one on an individual entry. Which entry on the CSS controls that?

To expand on this, I am looking to normalise the font size all across. Right now the index view shows a smaller font than the single post.

Looks like it might be under #collection article p for the main page/index and #post article p on individual post pages, so I imagine making those the same font size should do the trick. Not sure if those elements affect anything else, though. In your Custom CSS, you could do:

#collection article p, #post article p {font-size: 1.25em;} or whatever font size/formatting (formatting might be bad on my part, but hey, I’m not a dev). Give that a try and see if that works for what you’re looking for.

Hi there @quiethabits, thanks for lending a hand. I am going to try what you recommend. Will that cover li, ol, blockquote and the rest, do you know?

Just tried it, it doesn’t work. @matt, when possible, could you shed some light?

Just double-checked on my site and tried this, which worked on the main page and on individual articles:
body#collection article p, body#post article p {font-size:1.25rem;}
That covered paragraphs and blockquotes. For li and ol you’ll have to add those separately. This is the exact code I have on my site and it works perfectly for the main page and individual blog posts (again, I’m sure I could make this prettier, more efficient, but it works):
body#collection article p, body#post article p {font-size:1.25rem;} body#collection article li, body#post article li {font-size:1.25rem;} body#collection article ol, body#post article ol {font-size:1.25rem;}


Thanks! That’s much better!

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