Font-size for header h1?

No matter what I search for in the css, I can’t seem to locate how the font-size is set for the h1 element in the header element on #collection pages.

What am I not seeing?

Hi @bix, perhaps the following id will help:

#blog-title { 

There are no #blog-title selectors in the default css file, though. I am trying to find where it is set in the default CSS file.

I was looking through and it’s not set explicitly anywhere.

If you want to override it with custom css use this selector:

#collection header h1 {
font-size: some-value;

That is, if the ID selector wasn’t working out and that’s what your after.

I think it is just relative to the rest of the document and the body is initially set with font-size-adjust: 0.5;

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