Font-size-adjust makes font tiny in Chrome 71

The font size in Chrome 71 (in my case Chromium on Linux) looks tiny. If I turn off font-size-adjust: .5 it looks like in every other browser. I saw this first on

Do you have a screenshot of what it looks like with the property turned on? I’ll have to look at where this rule came from / how removing it might affect the site.

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Before and after in Chrome71

In Firefox (64) it always looks like in the lower part.

Ah, I just realised that Chrome hides this feature under the ‘experimental web platform features’ flag which I activated. Clearly still a broken feature. This might affect almost nobody.

Weirdly, for me everything is tiny in Firefox (MacOS), but fine in Safari.

Is there a way via Custom CSS for me to make this not happen?

@bix If you somehow can inject font-size-adjust: none into your body tag, you should be fine.

That still doesn’t make it match what it is in Safari. More weirdly, to me anyway, the entire content column is also way narrower in Firefox than in Safari.