Font hosting?

Hi team,
It would be awesome to have an easy way to host fonts :slight_smile:
Setting up my hosted blog I struggled a lot with getting custom fonts to work because of CORS restrictions. It would be awesome to have a service similar to but with font files instead. maybe

This worked for me (in the custom CSS form), but I haven’t tried it with non-Google fonts. Just replace the url and font-family values with those of your chosen font.

@import url('');

* {
    font-family: 'Abhaya Libre', serif;
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Hi @hedgewitch, thanks for the suggestion.
I am looking to use some of all the beautiful tracking free fonts out there. I made it work halfway by hosting the fonts on a subdomain of my main (custom) blog domain. But CORS only allows either to give everyone access to a resource or to give ONE external site access to a resource. So I can’t get it to work on both (where I am editing) and my custom domain without also exposing the font files to everyone else. I might opt for the “let everyone access” and maybe that works, but still I think font hosting would be very desirable.