Font and language as global settings


just arrived at and really happy with its existence. Nice and simple interface, privacy aware, markdown, so grateful for the support of “the exact spacing you put in your posts” - as I write mainly poetry and this is not well supported in Markdown.

I have created a pro account and published a few posts but I’ve also run through a few issues I’d like to discuss here:

  1. I’ve tried to change my first post’s font to sans-serif without luck - is there an option to globally set the font type? If not, please, do it.
  2. I write in Spanish and I see I have to change the language for every post? A way to change this globally or at least per blog - with the possibility of changing certain posts later?
  3. Posts tab: I get confused by this. I expect to see my posts there (independent of blog). It could be called Anonymous Posts?

The first two issues are important to me (fixing font in first post, global font type and language). The last is more a suggestion.

Thanks for creating this place

Edit: I managed to change to sans-serif in first post

2 Likes definitely needs a per blog global language setting that can be overridden for individual posts.