Following hashtags on WriteFreely instance's Reader via RSS

Great suggestion from Twitter:

This would create functionality for following posts on a WriteFreely instance’s reader that use a particular hashtag through RSS. The above author wants to use it for an interesting RSS reader project.

That’s a great idea! I can see it being useful for blogs that cover a wide range of topics like mine.

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You can actually do this for your blog already @dino! It’s just a matter of adding /feed/ at the end of a tag search URL for a blog. Say I want to follow your Game Logs via RSS. I can do that with the following link:

What this feature request asks for is something a little different for our open-source platform WriteFreely. The equivalent to this is being able to follow posts that appear on Read with a certain hashtag via RSS.

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Totally didn’t know you could do that, thanks for the info!

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