Fixing "This domain is already associated with another blog."

I am trying to connect a blog to a custom domain. I use Hover for my domain registrar. Hover has a service that automatically sets up the DNS records to connect to dozens of services, including WriteAs, pretty nifty. I used it, and when I came back to my blog I put in my custom domain as “customdomain.tld” and it gave me a warning that the domain was already associated with another Write As blog. It DID let me conenct with “www.customdomain.tld” but typing just “customdomain.tld” into the address bar would return a WriteAs error page saying “That page is missing. Are you sure it even exists?” rather than my registrars error page.

I went into my DNS records and deleted absolutely everything. Zero DNS records. I waited a day. Typed in both www and root of my custom domain and got generic error pages not associated with anything. I then went into WriteAs and typed in my custom domain … only to be told it’s associated with a WriteAs blog already…

I emailed Hover support and WriteAs support and haven’t heard back, because I have a feeling there’s some sort of flag on one of my accounts that’s causing this. But has anyone else encountered this and does have a fix? My custom domain still has zero DNS records right now, so I have no idea where WriteAs would be thinking it’s associated with another blog, and it’s been over 24 hours since I deleted all my DNS records, so I don’t think it’s a matter anymore of waiting for propagation. Advice aside from going home and rethinking my entire life?

Responded to your email, but for anyone else who comes across this:

This is caused by your domain name being associated with another blog on our platform, as the message implies. So if you’re seeing it, you might have an old account using that domain that you might’ve forgotten about, or another blog on your current account that is already using it.

In either case, you’ll want to remove the domain from the old blog by going to your blog’s Customize page on, and setting your Preferred URL to the * version or something else. Then you’ll be able to set your new blog’s Preferred URL to your custom domain.