Finding support document pages

Because of autologin, I have difficulty finding the support documents (specifically, I’m looking for the custom domain instructions). Suggestions for how to best navigate to these? And input from me to make this easy to find when logged in to please? Thanks!

With abandon,

Hi @DeaconPatrick ,

Here is the how-to guide for custom domains.

Support document navigation is something we are trying to make better. Our key guides live on the How to Use blog. This blog will replace what was previously linked to in the Help section of the footer when you’re logged in. This update will be pushed soon. Our hope is that it will create a more streamlined experience for both finding and consulting support documents.

And please let us know if there is anything that you feel is missing that needs clarification in the form of how-to’s. We would be glad to look into it. Thanks for the feedback!


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Thanks, @cjeller1592! I thought I was even more confused than usual, which would be saying something! Grin.

You are not the only one.
I had to disable auto-login so I can open the guides in a different thread, then log in and keep the guides open. :sweat_smile:

That is quite the workflow @Melyanna! Thankfully you will not have to use it any longer - once logged in, the Help link in the footer will take you directly to our How to Use blog. You can check out this post here to learn more about the update.

And again, if there is not something there that you need help with, feel free to reach out here. It might be a guide worth adding to the blog.

Thanks again for bringing this to light and helping us create a better experience!

Thank you, @cjeller1592!

This isn’t guide-related, but I’ll just take the opportunity to say it’d be really good to have a link that points to a roadmap that can be easily consulted.
Right now everything (planned bug fixes, planned new features, etc) seems to be a little over the place.
I like to check if something is or isn’t already in the radar before opening a forum thread (I think it saves you some work), but sometimes this isn’t very straightforward.

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@cjeller1592, Not sure where this should go, if anywhere, but a guide to hacks/aids for writing in an app and copy/pasting into would be lovely. One of the challenges I’ve found is that entering code for photos, read more, subscribe, etc, often play weirdly in iA Writer or Ulysses (and I imagine other apps).

One hack I discovered accidentally copying the “subscribe” code from one of the guides was using “<” which gets auto-replaced somewhere along the way to “<”, making it possible to create an iA Writer template with a subscription footer that reads “<!–emailsub–>” but copies into the blog correctly as , and now I needn’t think of it anymore (works with all code that begins with “<”). I’d love to know other tips like this. I suppose even creating the template header/footer post is a tip. My example of it is a test post (until I take it down):