Fediverse Bio / Profile Information?

I was wondering if there was a way to add bio / profile type info to be included when someone follows your blog on another platform and views your profile? For example, on Mastodon, when I view my blogs profile to follow it, it just has the name of the site and the title tag line and that’s it. I was wondering if there was a way to add some additional information to that so it’s a little more informative?


I’d love that too, but apart from hacking the source, it doesn’t seem feasible. Are you able to see your previous post on Mastodon? I can connect to my user from another mastodon account but I don’t see the older (or even newer) posts.

I only set my blog up a little over a week ago now and enabled federation. I was having trouble at first following it myself, but then somehow, I was able to follow it. It seems to show the few original posts I put up, and it did show when I made a new blog post in my Mastodon feed. I don’t have enough ‘older’ posts to know if that works though. I do know that so far, I have been the only one that’s been able to follow it on Mastodon though. A couple other people have tried but only get the ‘cancel follow request’ option. So there seems to be a problem still with the auto follow response from writefreely it seems.

A data point: a friend of mine successfully followed my Write.as blog on Mastodon, on mastodon.technology in case it matters.

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