Federation of my blog

Hi. I have a new custom domain all setup and working. One thing which I cannot do is find my federated blog on mastodon. No search results come up at all. I also tried in the iOS client toot and on the web. My mastodon instance is photog.social and the handle I chose to use when customizing blog settings was @blog@mikesplaces.site. An older blog with an older domain will show up. I never see the blog show up so I cannot follow it or otherwise interact with it.

I have a similar issue. I can follow my blog but only if I use my write.as name (@tompurl@write.as). I can’t find the federation name that I specified in my blog’s config (@tom@blog.tompurl.com).

I have to wonder if this issue has anything to do with the following, which appears to still be an open issue:

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Thanks for the response. I did not try with the write.as alternative. I did see the link before but was uncertain if it was the same issue.

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Yes @tompurl, it’s most likely that linked issue. This is very close to the top of our priority list now, so this should be sorted out in the near future.

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So is this fixed and my blog should be seen on mastodon now by doing a simple search? I cannot seem to see my blog currently but the old one still shows up. If I search on @blog@mikesplaces.site nothing shows up for me. I’m curious why we cannot just publish to our mastodon instances directly the way micro.blog does it. I’d like to just have my blog post to my mastodon account directly.

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While we are here I joined photog.social, and need to get please your recommendation of a solid iOS mastadon client? I tried Amaroq but quickly became stuck in some loop and could not post after my first post, so I’m guessing it’s 90% my fault but there’s likely a better one.

And thank you :slight_smile:

Hey! I use the Toot app. I’ve found it to work very well on that instance. It’s also updated somewhat regularly and new features and bug fixes come out. I use it on my iPhone 12 pro and an iPad Air. Both running the latest. I think it costs up front. Been awhile since I bought it.

I think they’re really close to fixing this. I was looking at the bug report just now and they seem to be ironing out the issues:

As of now I can’t follow @tom@blog.tompurl.com from mastodon.technology.