Federation not working for me

Mastodon Federation is not working for me. I have several blogs on write.as including one with a custom domain https://doctroid.richholmes.xyz/ and one which for testing purposes does not https://write.as/walking-in-space/. [Edit: I have since changed this back to https://walkinginspace.richholmes.xyz/ and am following that. If this turns out to be relevant I can change it back for further tests.] There actually are two other blogs with the same issue but let’s just look at these two. Federation is enabled:

I follow both from my Mastodon account @doctroid@vmst.io. They both show up in my follows list, and one case the favicon I’d had set at the time I sent the follow request appears, so clearly my Mastodon account was successfully talking with write.as. But both blogs show on the Mastodon side as having 0 followers and only 1 (old undisplayed) post — which was the case when I followed, but I’ve posted since then (several times but only the first and last ones have not been deleted) and the new posts do not appear in my timeline or when I go to the blog handle on Mastodon:

On the Walking In Space blog I set a favicon yesterday but it does not show up on Mastodon.

The most recent posts currently on those blogs were posted about 13 hours ago, so I think they’ve had plenty of time to come through.

In summary, it appears write.as is responding correctly to follow requests from vmst.io, but something is not working with propagation of new posts, post counts, follower counts, and favicons.

Added: About an hour ago I signed up on writing.exchange (@doctroid), followed those two blogs, and then posted a couple of new test posts on the blogs. It seems similar: Follow works but no new content in the feed. Further added: After changing Walking In Space back to @blog@walkinginspace.richholmes.xyz it does not show up in search from this instance.

There seems to be a more central issue, which is that the Mastodon instances think they’re following the blogs, but the blogs think they have no followers. Since this business of not getting new content seems to be a byproduct of that issue I started a new topic and this one probably can be ignored.