Federation / Mastodon

Hej Hej!

I know there have been a few similar questions lately, but I seem to be having the same problem. Posts from my blog Flat Mountain Dispatches — Write.as don’t seem to get pushed to my Mastodon instance, and if I try searching the url to pull them in I get an error. Have tried turning federation on and off and following/unfollowing to no avail.

I’m using weirder.earth and not sure if it’s a problem with that instance itself. When I check from my old (but still active) account on kolektiva.social, I can see that all the new posts appear, and I can also pull posts in by searching the url.

So just curious if the problem is coming from write.as, or from my Mastodon instance? Would appreciate any insight!

Giving this a bump because it’s still an issue. I’ve since noticed that text only posts will sometimes federate to the weirder.earth instance, but never posts containing images. All posts federate to the other instances I have access to.

I’ve also noticed that I can’t turn federation of my blog off. If I uncheck the box and apply the settings, it goes right back to being checked and toggled on.

Neither are a huge problem, more just a lingering annoyance.

I enjoyed reading your page, especially this: Artefact | 001 — Flat Mountain Dispatches

Pure grindcore lyrics!