Federating Tags to Mastodon

I’ve set up federation for my Write.as blog and it works fine : new posts are available on Mastodon, with the title and a link to the blog post.

However, I expected tags to be federated as well. What I mean is I’d like tags from my blog posts to appear as tags on the Mastodon posts. For instance, if I post a new introduction blog post with tags #blog and #introduction, I’d like to see these two tags #blog and #introduction on the Mastodon post.

It might be a nice feature to have, doesn’t it ?

I reply on my own topic because I’ve just realised that tags are actually already federated to Mastodon.

Tags from federated Write.as posts are not visible on Mastodon toots but they are still there, like a hidden property sent by Write.as to Mastodon via ActivityPub.
I made the test with one of my posts containing a tag: a Mastodon search on the tag brings back the Write.as containing this tag, even if the tag does not appear visibly on the toot.

It might be misleading, but it works, so I’m fine with it :slight_smile:


Yep! We do include hashtags in the ActivityPub data we send out from Write.as / WriteFreely.

It would definitely be nice to see those hashtags in Mastodon! But unfortunately we don’t have any control over that from our end; that’s just how Mastodon chooses to handle the Article content type that we send out.