Federated Updates Appear With APi URL After Adding a Custom Domain

I have been using write.as for about a month now. One of my favorite features is that every time I create a new blog entry I see a new toot from my write.as account (@tompurl@write.as) in my mastodon account’s timeline (@tompurl@mastodon.technology). These toots include a link to my blog post.

I recently signed up for a pro plan and am using the following custom domain:

However, since I switched to the paid plan I see a link that looks something like this in the toot that’s generated when I publish a new post:

Is there a setup step that I’m missing?

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I wish I knew the answer to this Tom, I’ve yet to install mastodon on my dedicated server, but do plan on it soon. Also, I subscribed to your blog- I like what I saw. :slight_smile: my tech blog is www.i46789.xyz tit for tat. (It’s my birthday in epoch time)

@18percentgrey thank you!

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Humbly you are welcome! :slight_smile: