Federated Updates Appear With APi URL After Adding a Custom Domain

I have been using write.as for about a month now. One of my favorite features is that every time I create a new blog entry I see a new toot from my write.as account (@tompurl@write.as) in my mastodon account’s timeline (@tompurl@mastodon.technology). These toots include a link to my blog post.

I recently signed up for a pro plan and am using the following custom domain:

However, since I switched to the paid plan I see a link that looks something like this in the toot that’s generated when I publish a new post:

Is there a setup step that I’m missing?

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I wish I knew the answer to this Tom, I’ve yet to install mastodon on my dedicated server, but do plan on it soon. Also, I subscribed to your blog- I like what I saw. :slight_smile: my tech blog is www.i46789.xyz tit for tat. (It’s my birthday in epoch time)

@18percentgrey thank you!

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Humbly you are welcome! :slight_smile:

This now seems to be fixed. Huzzah!

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I saw your two tests- what was the solution ?

You can see your test blog posts using the name you set up in settings for federation now? I still cannot see mine. I posted this morning. I have been using the @blog@mikesplaces.site handle in my pro account settings. When I search I don’t even see the link like you posted in a previous post.

I’m sorry, let me clarify @18percentgrey and @mpmilestogo . In the past, when I subscribed to @tompurl@write.as from @tompurl@mastodon.technology, I would see a link that looks like the “api” one in my original post. Now I see a proper link to the blog post.

I still cannot subscribe to the @tom@blog.tompurl.com account (which points at my @tompurl@write.as accout) from my mastodon account. However I believe this issue is being tracked with this bug:

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Got it! Thanks for this. Looks like a fix is coming!

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Cool. Yeah i cant even find myself yet by the handles ive assigned. Still playing with it though.

Hi! I have the same problem, so it seems this is not yet fixed?

Ideally I would like to use the ‘@erik@blog.erikkemp.eu’ handle, but that one does not appear at all, even though I configured it as the custom domain. And as you can see in the picture, the ‘@erikkemp@write.as’ account can be found, but it posts API-URLs instead of the link to the blog posts.

Just to be sure, my ideal situation would be that a post, such as the last post ‘subscribe’, should be published as a message from @erik@blog.erikkemp.eu containing this link: subscribe — Erik Kemp

I already sent a message and an e-mail to write.as but received no reply so far, maybe here someone is able to help :slight_smile:

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@erikkemp - Based on your update I checked today and it’s working for me! Here’s what I see:

Maybe it has to do with the Mastodon instance you’re using? I’m using the mastodon.technology instance myself.

Regarding the email message to support, sometimes responses can be a little slow.