Federated tagging/tags not recognizable via RSS for writing.exchange?

I have some hashtags added to my 1Feed RSS reader, from FOSStodon mainly, but when I went to add https://writing.exchange/tags/blogging, I was hit with a message saying the feed can’t be found. Here:

Just curious if RSS is different per instance for hashtags on fedi, or if my RSS reader is being odd.

Thanks for looking into it

follow up - seems like it may be my RSS reader, as a FOSStodon tag is not registering now, either. Weird.

I think you can just add .rss to the URL to get the feed – so https://writing.exchange/tags/blogging.rss should work for ya.

If it was working before, that’s usually because some web pages will have an HTML element in the <head> that points to the actual feed URL. Maybe Mastodon removed that in the recent v4.0 update, or something else is going on.

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Yep, adding the .rss solved it! :slight_smile: Thank you!