Featured reader topics?

The Reader section on WriteFreely instances will soon support browsing public posts by hashtag, just like we recently released on Read Write.as*. So I’m wondering: do you want to see featured hashtags, like you do at the top of Read Write.as?

  • Yes!
  • Doesn’t matter to me
  • No, leave them out

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As mentioned in that announcement thread, featured topics are a good way to show off what people are writing about on your instance, as well as to set the tone and general subject matter you want to promote.

If we add this ability, it’d include a new section that lets instance admins choose which tags to feature, as well as the preferred capitalization of these tags (e.g. #ActivityPub instead of #activitypub). The admin page would also show which tags are most popular among the public posts on your instance, to help inform your decision. But overall, the feature would be entirely human-driven and optional – if the admin doesn’t feature any topics, none would show.

Let me know what you think.

* Technically, it already supports this, the UI just isn’t there yet. You can try it on your instance today by going to https://{my-instance}/read/t/{tag}, e.g. https://pencil.writefree.ly/read/t/test