Failed to post 2024


This morning I was finally catching up on my blog and put a bunch of placeholder posts so I could fill them out later and have everything in chronological order. I got message that I was posting too much, so I paused for a while and then did the rest of the placeholders. I then typed up/added images to my latest and tried to publish it, but I got the ‘failed to post’ message this morning and again this evening. Help, please? Thanks!

Hi, are you still having trouble with this? Any kind of blocking should be temporary, especially if you’re already a paid user.

Hi, yes I am still having this issue. I haven’t tried to delete the whole thing and make a new post as I was hoping not to have to redo all the photos from scratch.

Can you share a link to the post you’re trying to edit, either here in this thread or in a private message to @support? Then I can take a closer look at why you’re getting that error.

I don’t think I have a link; the post hasn’t been published yet and the URL is just ‘’