External blog URL not updating *EDIT: Firefox is weird

It seems like my blog is not updating. I have it set to xxxx.writeas.com (not the real address) as the url, but new posts are not being posted there. This started right after I created a draft post (which DID populate to the url and now won’t go away). New posts are not appearing.

I’ve tried deleting posts, swapping settings around, etc and it doesn’t help.

When I access the write.as/xxxx url from a private browser, it redirects to the frozen blog. When I access that url with cookies, I see the expected interface, with appropriate posts and editing functions.

EDIT: It is updated on my phone, so maybe there’s some kind of weird caching thing going on? I am investigating.

EDIT: I’ve cleared all my browsing history, cache, and cookies, so I’m really at a loss, but this does seem like potentially a Firefox problem, since when I access the blog on chrome it looks correct.

EDIT: I guess I had a window open in the background with the blog in the old state, and Firefox thought it was being really clever and just replicating the open window, even when I was in private browsing mode and hard refreshed. No bug and my issue is resolved.

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I’m experiencing this in Firefox as well, even in an incognito window. Very strange!

It only happens on the custom-domain side. That is, https://write.as/openindie/weird-web-pages gets properly updated when I edit my post, but https://blog.erlend.sh/weird-web-pages does not.

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