Expanding on "keyword not defined" in stats

Hello, on my stats page for my Pro account, I notice that the #3 source of traffic is “[keyword]Keyword not defined”, and I think I could possible help my blog grow, or at least have more insights to what people are searching for in order to land on my blog if I knew what those keywords were. I don’t know if they person, or people, are using a privacy-centric search engine, or if Write.as stats doesn’t display the specific keywords for “X” reason, but I was wondering if the ability to see the specific keywords will be available at some point in stats?



Hey @tmo, "[keyword] Keyword not defined” means someone came from a search engine, but the search engine didn’t tell us what keyword they used (for privacy reasons) — this is pretty common now not only for DuckDuckGo but also Firefox and Chrome.

Hope that helps and let me know if you need any more clarification!

ah, thank you @cjeller1592, I figured that was the case. No worries then :slight_smile: