Excerpts and CSS

Hi, after checking out some themes I came across this one https://write.as/themes/in-the-open and so far I’ve been able to tweak the background, heading, and post colors to my liking.

When inserting <!--more--> the link color changes on all links within the post on the homepage to a default purple instead of the color I changed it to in the CSS. Posts made without <!--more--> display correctly on the homepage. I don’t know a lot about CSS so I couldn’t figure this out. Anyone know how to fix?

Edit: Fixed it with info from another post here. I guess I was changing link color in the wrong place. Change font colour of links within body text?

a {
  color: red;

Glad you were able to fix this from looking on the forum @cptn! If you want to edit the CSS of the Read More… then you can use something similar to the below. That way it targets the Read More… instead of changing all the links:

body#collection a.read-more {
color: green;
text-decoration: underline;