Examples of Write.as sites

Hi. Is there a way to see a number of other write.as sites people have? Sorry if that’s an obvious question. I’m trying to see if, or how many, others may be integrating payments for selling on their sites. Also, I would like to see different ways subscribe buttons look on sites. Thank you.

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You could check out https://read.write.as/ perhaps?

My site isn’t done (theme maybe 90 % there, I haven’t added content to my navigation pages, and I haven’t moved over every post from Ghost yet) - but you can take a look here.

I’ve edited the look of the subscribe button a bit (it’s on the bottom of the front page and also inside every post), and also added a ko-fi button to my signature (that also can be seen inside articles).

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@havn, thank you! Thank you for the link to your site. Interesting. I wonder if you could put a subscribe button under each blog excerpt on your main page? Seems to me it would help more easily show people they can subscribe. Just a thought. Thank you, so much, again.

Yeah, it’s probably possible - but I think Javascript is needed. But I personally wouldn’t do it, as it feels too pushy IMO. At the bottom of the site and at the bottom of every article feels enough to me. :wink:

I get it. But I also know from looking at websites for so many years that visitors want to know immediately what they will be able to do on your site. Often when they don’t see a subscribe button – or some kind of button showing them what they will be able to do before scrolling – they get impatient or move on. That is my experience. Just a thought. I think this one issue is something Write.as could really address. I have thought many times before that having a subscribe button up at the top to the right would be good.