EU and German Law and

I am currently looking into changing my blog to but I have a problem with it:
In Germany you have to mark your online pages (including Facebook pages and homepages) as your own using an imprint, otherwise you can be sued. As I want to link my blog from my current page one can know that it is me who is writing the blog but can also see that there is no imprint on it so this one could sue me by German law. Is there anything I can do to add an imprint? And what about gdpr/dsgvo and

Right now the best way to add an imprint might be to create a new post like this:

# Imprint

[your information here]

and then create a static (“pinned”) page from it. Creating a static page is a Pro feature, but if you publish this post and then let me know what your blog name is, I’d be happy to manually add it to the blog for you. This is a quick workaround for now, but we’ll think about how we can support this automatically on

As for GDPR, we’ve built the entire platform around user privacy from the moment it launched in 2015, and should have everything covered. You’re not required to give us any personal information to use, and if you do we don’t use it for anything besides sending you receipts, resetting your password, or providing support. You can export your data as plain text, JSON, or CSV at any time, and you can ask us to delete your account at any time (an automated way to do this is coming soon).