Errors with Installation


I’ve setup my instance at Posting works! (Check out

However I’m seeing an error every time I try to save customization of my blog. Basically, every time I try to click save, I get a 404 error and it leaves me at

My setup is a little odd… I’m hosting nextcloud on the same server, on a different subdomain. I’m using nginx for both. I’m also coercing all http requests to https.

What’s some good starting points to figure out what’s going wrong here?

UPDATE: I’ve figured out a few things. Looks like these are bugs.

  1. Having an underscore in your username results in the above issues. No appearance in federated, and 404 errors when trying to customize your blog.
  2. Having a camelcase username results in some pages failing as well.

Hey, glad you got your instance up! :grinning:

So the normal place to start with these types of things would be in your application log file, to see if any errors show up. But I would guess that the user was created via the command line / setup process, and not the web application – is that correct? I say this because the web app should prevent both of these cases from happening, and there might be some logic missing from the setup process.

Okay! I used the command line to create the admin user initially. It let me create both pandora_parrot and pandyBird.

I had another user attempt to create an account with the web interface and they got this: “I tried signing up on Write but it gave me a “This page is missing” after trying to register. It didn’t create an account.”

Thanks, we’ll get this fixed in the next version.

What was the URL they were taken to after trying to sign up? And what was the HTTP response code in the application logs for the POST /api/auth/signup request (it’s the number immediately after that part of the line)?