Error with domain forwarding

Dear Write.As Community,
I had an account many years ago and had setup custom domain forwarding to my domain registered with godaddy – I closed my account an wanted to setup simple domain forwarding through godaddy but I still receive this “unpublished blog” error page when I got to the url: This is not a consistent error, sometimes it goes to the write domain forwarding and sometimes it goes to the page. When I want to give people my URL, they will encounter this error even if they have never visited the site before. I have been on the phone with godady for many hours trying address the issue. Since has no email support, I figured I should try here, see if anyone knows of a way to completely remove the link between my domain and Thanks in advance for all your help.

– Erol

I was thinking you needed to clear browser cache until you said people that had never been to your site before got it too.

I am thinking it is a DNS issue with whoever’s DNS servers you use, assuming you have the entries correct (I mean, presumably, as it is random).

Since custom domains are a paid feature on, visitors will always see this message when going to the custom domain you have set on

So if you’d like to use your domain with another service like GoDaddy, instead you’ll want to redirect users to your free URL (e.g. or Also be sure to change your “Preferred URL” from your blog’s Customize page.

Hope that makes sense. Let me know if anything is unclear!