Error in customization & Information regarding admin accounts


I started using writefreely 0.7 and everything seems to work fine but I am not able to customize any blog and it shows ‘server error’ when I click on customize.

Also, during setup I didn’t create the admin account but when I signed up on the local server, the first account I created seems to have defaulted to admin account. Is it normal?


Can you share the application logs around when that error comes up?

Yes, the first account on the server is always the admin account.


@matt here can I find the application logs?


The application will output them directly to the terminal when you run writefreely


@matt It did. Here is the log


Looks like it can’t find the template file. From the directory where you’re running the writefreely command, does this path exist? templates/user/collection.tmpl


Yes. It exists


And if you run:

writefreely --debug

It shows these lines somewhere in the logs while starting up?

Loading user pages...


Yes, it does.


Ah, it’s the slash.

The path is hard-coded for Unix-like operating systems (user/collection.tmpl), not Windows (user\collection.tmpl), so when you try to load the page it can’t find the template. I’ll fix this in the next release.

Thanks for your help debugging this!


Haha. But everything else works pretty fine! Any temporary fix to the problem?


If you’re comfortable compiling the application, you could change account.go, line 799 (the one shown in the previous error) to use a backslash instead of a forward-slash – as well as any other place where you see if err := userPages["user/

The next release should be out soon, though. There were quite a few bugs that have been brought up.


Nah. I am not so much into technicality. :wink: I will patiently wait for your next release.
Also, you might wanna know, I made a blog post about blogging in 2019 where I have highlighted, and I will continue popularising writefreely & :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, I really appreciate that! Do you mind sharing the article here, or emailing it to me?


Yes, why not!


Great article! Really appreciate the mention :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, v0.7.1 is out now, which should fix the original issue you mentioned in this thread. But let me know if you still notice any issues!


Yes, I will check and let you know ASAP.


@matt Well seems to be a new issue now. Multi-user instance worked perfectly alright but there is now problems with single-user instance. After I create everything and start the server and go to address, it shows this

This what it shows in terminal